What I Wrote This Week @UrbanFaith: 11/21-12/2

Hitchhiker, NYC

  • Sponsoring a Response to HIV/AIDS: Could child sponsorship be a manageable way for ‘people in the pew’ to make a long-term difference in the lives of those impacted by HIV/AIDS?
  • Will Maxine Waters Be Bad for Business? Rep. Maxine Waters has the seniority to be the next House Financial Services Committee chair, but will her perceived weaknesses do her in?
  • Black Atheists: Sign of the Times? Black atheism is in the news again and we’re wondering: Does this story represent a disturbing new trend or is it a rehash of old news?
  • Reactions Vary to Failed Debt Deal: Blame shifting, disgust, and celebration follow congressional super committee’s failure to compromise on U.S. debt reduction, and we’re wondering: who’s right?
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