Retreating into a Sense of Calling @NJShorePatch

How a vocation retreat in the hill country of Texas renewed my sense of calling.

Oak Tree at The AlamoThe idea of a vocation retreat sounds like a contradiction in terms, but at Laity Lodge in the hill country outside San Antonio, Texas, these concepts are as intertwined as the branches of a gnarly old oak.

I was there last weekend in my role as leadership editor of to listen as highly accomplished business and nonprofit leaders grappled with the challenges of living out their vocational callings.

I’ve offered here some words that probably should be explained, beginning with vocation, retreat and calling.

We often think of vocation in terms of our jobs, but Laity Lodge’s resident scholar Mark Roberts said the word vocation comes from the Latin vocare, which means to call or summon, so vocation and calling are roughly equivalent terms.

Perhaps it takes retreat, the act of withdrawing into safety and seclusion, to fully assess what it is we do with our days. …

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