No Right to Rest for Weary Anglicans @Her.meneutics

This photo of me praying was taken at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco in 2006. I wrote about the fight Jeff and I had about orthodoxy as we toured the cathedral, never thinking we would, a few short years later, be members of the denomination we were fighting over. Now, I’ve written about what a challenge that is at Christianity Today. Here’s how my article begins:

Such is the fatigue over the Anglican-Episcopal splintering that two weekends ago, when the Episcopal diocese of Los Angeles consecrated the denomination’s second partnered gay bishop, the event didn’t make a blip on many evangelical news websites. Also largely unnoticed was the previous week’s press release from St. James Anglican Church in Newport Beach, California, stating that it would appeal the latest California Supreme Court ruling in its property dispute with the Episcopal Church. Christianity Today reported on St. James’s court case as recently as January, but for embattled congregations, months can feel like years. …

Read the whole thing here.

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