Dave Ramsey, Megan McArdle, and Jesus @Her.meneutics

It’s been a while since I’ve posted at Her.meneutics. My last post was unilaterally panned by readers. Megan McArdle gave me another opportunity to address her topic and so I did. I’ll be posting less frequently at Christianity Today as well as here. Other responsibilities have taken precedence. I like this post though, even if it seems to contradict itself. That’s how life is, don’t you think? Here’s how it begins:

In my most recent Her.meneutics post — on the biblical dimensions of frugal living — I took issue with Atlantic “econoblogger” Megan McArdle’s New York Times review of Lauren Weber’s In CHEAP We Trust: The Story of a Misunderstood American Virtue. I didn’t care for the fact that McArdle detached evangelical finance guru Dave Ramsey’s advice from its biblical source when advocating his frugal living principles over Weber’s more ascetic values. Now McArdle has written a profile of Ramsey in the December issue of The Atlantic. She once again makes it clear that she appreciates Ramsey’s principles, but not so much his Jesus. …

Read the whole post here.

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