Email from Iran 3

موج سبز مردم تهران از امام حسین(ع) تا آزادی
Received this Wednesday, June 17th at 11:56 EST. News photos attached; no originals.
To all my friends and family…..fellow citizens of the world and the United States:
The government here in Iran has every reporter on house arrest.  They are not allowed to leave their hotel rooms and if they do to cover the green movement, and the million people rallies, they will be sent to court and convicted.  Most reporters whose visas have expired have left because their visas were not allowed to be renewed.  Cell phones are jammed after 3 PM…..
Access to news sites via the internet like CNN and others have been blocked.  The government is trying everything to keep what’s going on here inside.  We cannot even communicate to other cities in Iran such as Shiraz, Esfehan, Qom, and Tabriz….There are mass rallies being held throughout the country. 
Yesterday I was at a four million person rally.  The march took place from Vanak Square to Tajrish Square.  This is about four miles long.  The streets in both directions were full of people shoulder to shoulder wearing the color green and holding up banners.  The entire crowd was quiet…No one was screaming or making any sound…Imagine four million plus people marching toward your home just simply quiet….It was amazing. 
The police who were guarding stores and a large network television news station were all chanting “People of Iran …we are with you…don’t be afraid….!!!” Police were marching with the people as riot squads were smiling…However the local militas (bassej and revolutionary guard) are ready to kill.  The other day over 10 of our country men were killed brutally. 
Tomorrow we will be holding a rally at Imam Khomeini Square and all will be wearing black to mourn the death of the fallen comrades. Today there was another rally from 7th Tir Square to Vali Adr Square…a five mile stretch full of people…marching for freedom and to have another election…free of meddling and to make sure we get our chance at sealing our rights.  We were cheated and robbed….It was so obvious and blatant. Grandmothers, grandfathers, business men and women, girls, boys, college student, religious people wearing hejabs….etc…all were in this march. 
This shows the world and all of us who really won this election….There are rumors coming out of government that Mousavi won the election with 19 million votes, while Amadinejad had 9 million votes…the other 12 million votes were spread between the two other candidates: Rezai and Karoubi. 
The people are well organized, confident, and will not quit until they get a re-election.  The energy in the atmosphere, people’s optimism and their will to fight is something the world has never seen……over 20 million Iranians nation-wide are marching in every city.  I hear from my friend in LA and SF….mass rallies are being conducted and organized as we speak….The world has noticed and no matter how much they censor the media, the story is out….
I cannot go into political details fearing my safety for reprisal attacks, however I can tell you this is not going away.  We need you to keep up the pressure….Call your local congressman’s office, write newspapers, email friends and participate in these marches…..Talk to friends and co -workers…Email the White House…..Do everything and anything…I cannot tell you how much this will change our entire world… 
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