My First Post at Her.Meneutics

"Deciphering a Religion Journalist’s Deconversion ." A short review of Losing my Religion by William Lobdell . I would have liked more nuance and analysis. But alas, I did what I could in 600 words.

While I’m on the theme, check out the cover of Becky Garrison’s The New Atheist Crusaders . Variations on a theme. Becky takes on the guys Lobdell quotes and admires for normalizing popular atheism. If you’re going to read him, read her too, for an edifying laugh.


And finally, can anyone read Lobell’s title without thinking of the REM hit from which it was obviously lifted? Can’t post the You-tube link; my computer is in serious rebellion lately. But look at the mp3 download art from . Another variation …

Losing My Religion

Update: My previous post on Losing My Religion is here: Losing Religion; Finding Art and More .

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