Zimmerman on Tap

Earlier this week, author and editor Dave Zimmerman was kind enough to speak with me about his latest book, Deliver Us from Me-Ville, which I reviewed here. For your multi-tasking pleasure, I recorded our conversation and divided it into 7 parts ranging from 2-6 minutes in length (for a total of about 35 minutes). I haven’t yet figured out how to get that nice little play button to show up, so you’ll have to click the “On” links and then the music notes, which should conjure your computer’s media player. Special thanks to Dave for agreeing to be my broadcast journalism guinea pig. He’s a trooper. Finally, my editing skills are not yet perfected, so please accept my apologies for the abrupt intros and endings.

In part one of our conversation, Dave traces the culture of Me through music:

On the Road to Me-Ville

In part two, we talk about parenting in the ME generation, building healthy self-image, the atomized self and more:

On God Being for Us

In part three, Dave and I bumble our way through a discussion of community as an antidote to narcissism:

On Traveling with Irritating but Necessary Companions

In part four, we discuss living the Grand Story and the dawn of the Nerd/Anti-Hero Age:

On Super-heroes and Super-stories

In part five, Dave introduces his previous book, Comic Book Character and clears up confusion about his audience.

On Dave’s Tech-Savvy, Self-Aware Audience

In part six, we talk about dads, disillusionment and biblical literacy:

On the Grace of Disillusionment and Biblical Literacy

In the final section, Dave shares how he came to faith and almost lost it:

On Faith, Bongs and Pesky Evangelicals

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